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SQL Operations Studio (sqlopsstuidio) is ready to download and install

By Ashok Nalam on 20 Dec 2017 | Category: SQL Server | Tagged: SQL Server open source GitHub 
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As part of November-2017 Public Preview, Microsoft had announced SQL Operations Studio and now it is available for download and installation.

SQL Operations Studio is a data management tool that enables working with SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and SQL Data warehouse and it runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.


Below are the major features and enhancements 

1. Cross Platform database management for Windows, MacOS, and Linux with simple XCopy deployment
2. SQL Editor with intellisense, auto formatting and Goto/peek definition
3. We can generate Create, Alter, Select and Drop statements from database objects
4. Query result viewer with export options like JSON/CSV/Excel.
5. Object Explorer support to show servers and databases information

SQL Operations Studio
Fig: SQL Operations Studio (source: Github )

Moved code to Public Repository

Microsoft has moved SQL Operations Studio from their internal branch to Github so that all feature enhancements and bug fixes will be directly checked into public repository.

Download, Installation and Usage:

For download, installation and usage, refer 


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