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SQL Server 2017 Community Technology Preview 2.0 is available

By Ashok Nalam on 20 Apr 2017 | Category: SQL Server | Tagged: SQL Server SQL Server 2017 
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Today Microsoft has announced next version of SQL Server 2017 named as Community Technology Preview 2.0 is first production quality preview of SQL Server 2017 and it's available on both Windows and Linux. 

Download and Install SQL Server 2017 Preview

Key Enhancements and capabilities:

  1. Ability to run advanced analytics using Python language in-database in a parallelized and highly scalable way
  2. Ability to store and analyse graph data
  3. Capabilities that help you manage SQL Server for high performance and uptime, including the Adaptive Query Processing family of intelligent database features and presumable online indexing.
  4. Microsoft Machine Learning Service - Enables Python scripts to be run directly within the database server, or to be embedded into T-SQL script
We can install and use SQL Server 2017 on MacOS, Docker, Windows, and Linux and quickly build an app in a programming language of your choice.

SQL Server 2017 Data Estate

Fig: SQL Server 2017 Data Estate

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