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What is an Azure portal?

By Ashok Nalam on 17 Mar 2023 | Category: Microsoft Azure | Tagged: azure azure portal 
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Azure Portal is a web application that provides an interface to manage your Azure resources. You can build, manage and monitor from simple to complex cloud deployments.  Azure Portal has a presence across all Microsoft data centers and provides high availability and resilience in nature.  Also, Azure Portal supports most well-known browsers and there is a mobile App for IOS and Android. 

Let’s see few features
Create 200+ Azure resources from marketplace
Manage your subscriptions, costs and billing
Create dashboards to see focused view of your resources
In-built cloud shell to create or manage your azure service from browser
Monitor your services and workloads
Azure Active Directory – mange your user, groups and apps
Create support requests to reach out to Microsoft 
Have your own portal settings like appearance, themes , language choice and configure notifications 

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