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How to rename the Azure App Service Web App URL

By Ashok Nalam on 15 Mar 2023 | Category: Microsoft Azure | Tagged: azure azure app service azure functions rename 
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Sometimes once we create the Azure Web App, we realize that there is a mistake in the name or we want to provide a better name. Let’s see how we could change the Azure WebApp URL? 

Is it possible to rename the Azure Web App URL?
No, it is not possible to rename directly but let’s look at alternatives to achieve this.
  1. Recreate App – Simple option, create a new Azure App Service Web App with the name you want and redeploy your code. 
  2. Clone App – Using clone App you can create exiting App to new Web App.
  3. Custom domain - Add custom domain to get new URL.
lets look at Option#2 and #3.

Clone App 

From the existing App Service Web App >  Development tools > Clone App

Fig 1 – Select Clone App from Development tools – existing App

Once you click on Go, it opens below screen where you can provide a new name. 
Fig 2– Clone the App with new name

Note: To Clone App, you should be having Standard App service plan.

Custom domain

Here our existing app name is , but without recreating or cloning the app, using the custom domain option, you can get new URL for the existing App.

Fig 3 – Add custom domain to existing App. 

In the above screenshot with a custom domain, we are trying to map our web app to instead of

Note: To provide custom domain, you cannot user Free plan so you have to select other plans.
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