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What are the different hosting plans for Azure functions

By Ashok Nalam on 08 Mar 2023 | Category: Microsoft Azure | Tagged: azure azure functions difference 
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While creating Azure Functions, we must choose a hosting plan for the App. There are 3 basic plans named App Service Plan(dedicated), Consumption, and Premium plans and all these plans are available in Windows and Linux VM’s.

Let's look at what plan provides which features and based on these features and your needs you can select the right plan. 

ScalingAutomatically based on incoming requestsAutomatically with pre-warmed instances so that no delaysPredictive scaling or Manual
Scale Out Max# instancesWindows - 200
Linux - 100

Windows - 100
Linux - 20-100
Cold startWith Idle scenario, scale goes to 0 and we have latency to scaleWith Pre-warming feature there is no latencyNA - function app runs continuously 
Default PlanYes NoNo
VNET connectivityNoYes Yes
App timeout(Min)5 mins30 mins30 mins
App time out(Max)10 minsunlimitedunlimited
BillingPay only for the time when App runsPay as per runs plus pre warmsPay as per App Service Plan
When to consider
  • Scale automatically
  • Pay only when you run

  • App requires continuous run
  • You need more CPU, memory and high GB seconds than consumption plan
  • More execution time than consumption plan
  • VNET connectivity
  • Want to re-use existing App Service Plan
  • Predictive scaling and cost requirements

Other than these 3 basic plans, we have App Service Environment(ASE) and Kubernetes isolation plans, do refer Microsoft documentation. 
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