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How to keep your Azure subscription clean with tags

By Ashok Nalam on 26 Jan 2023 | Category: Microsoft Azure | Tagged: azure azure portal 
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To keep Azure resources clean and reduce your costs, use tags and delete resources when you do not need them. Sometimes it is difficult to think of what to keep and what to delete as your Azure resources keep on growing on a daily basis. It is recommended that you maintain proper tags for each resource in Azure. 

Tag is a key value pair(free text) that can be assigned to azure resources or resource groups or subscriptions. If you need any Azure resources for a short time, create them in one resource group and tag resources and resource groups with status as a temp so you can delete all resources at a time with the resource group deletion or individual resources within the resource group. 

For resources that you need for long run or production versions, apply tag value as production or something else of your choice so you do not touch them during the deletion of resource.

How to assign tags

Go to All resources in Azure Portal, select the resources you want to tag > Click on Assign tags.

Fig 1 - Assign tags option in All resources

Provide any name and value as a tag, and you can create as many tags as possible for the resource. In this case, we mapped status=temp for one resource and status=Prod for other resources. 

Fig 2 - Assign Key Value Pair as status=temp

How to Apply filters

Go to All resources in Azure Portal, select Add filter, and select filter as status and value as a temp to filter all temp tagged resources. 

Fig 3 - Add filter to All resources 

The below screenshot shows all resources with a temp tag. In this case, I tagged only one resource as a temp but you can apply to multiple resources and delete them with multiple checkbox selections after the filter is applied

Fig 4 - Filtered resources where status=temp

Fig 5 - Delete resource with status=temp tag

From now on, regularly review all your Azure resources and resource groups that you do not use often, tag them to temp and delete them when you do not need. With tagging, you can keep your azure resource clean, and clear and avoid extra costs.


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