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What are the features of Azure functions?

By Ashok Nalam on 24 Sep 2020 | Category: Microsoft Azure | Tagged: azure azure functions 
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Below are few features of Azure functions
  1. Serverless -  Focus more on building your apps faster to add business value without managing infrastructure.
  2. Language of your choice - Develop your function code using C#, Java, JavaScript, Powershell and Python languages of your choice
  3. Custom development  - Bring your own dependencies using  Nuget and NPM to extend your application logic.
  4. Continuous Integration and Deployment - Set up your function code with continuous integration and deployment using GitHub, Azure DevOps, bitbucket and other CI/CD processes.
  5. Built-in Security - Protect your functions with SSL Bindings, VNet integration and OAuth providers. You can authenticate users with the OAuth standard from providers such as Active Directory, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft Account
  6. Scale on demand - Automatically scale out whenever there is a need  by adding compute power and scale in when the code is stopped running
  7. Optimized Pricing - Pay only when your app runs.
  8. Performance and Monitoring - Easily configure Azure App Insight to your App for monitoring and analyzing the app performance
  9. Connect to Other Services - Use triggers and bindings that enable your serverless applications to respond to events and connect to other services seamlessly
  10. Choice of hosting plan - Based on your need, you can opt for Consumption, Premium or App Service Plan
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