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What is Azure Functions Runtime?

By Ashok Nalam on 11 Sep 2020 | Category: Microsoft Azure | Tagged: azure azure functions 
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Azure Function Runtime is a specific version runtime where your Function App runs on top of it. Currently Azure function supports 3 versions of runtime host
  • 1.x - Supports .NET Framework
  • 2.x - Supports .NET Core2.1
  • 3.x - supports .NET Core3.1
All 3 versions are supported for your production workloads. By default, Function Apps are created in 3.x version runtime. If you are using C# language to develop Azure functions and visual studio gives below options as function runtime while creating Function App
  1. Azure Functions V3(.NET Core) 
  2. Azure Functions V2(.NET Core) 
  3. Azure Functions V1(.NET Framework)
In order to find the function version number in your project, refer .csproj file.

1.x version setting in .csproj file


2.x version setting in .csproj file


3.x version setting in .csproj file

We are just referring C# as language, for other languages refer Azure Functions documentation.
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