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Insert data to table with only one IDENTITY column exists in table
Ashok Nalam
If we have a table with only one column which is marked as IDENTITY column, then how we will insert data to table? This scenario will be very rare. But we will see how to insert data to table with only one IDENTITY column exists.
By: Ashok Nalam | 24 May 2013 | SQL Server | Views: 8262 | Comments: 0 | Tags:identity  insert  table 
Rollback transaction behavior on table variable
Ashok Nalam
By: Ashok Nalam | 24 Jul 2013 | SQL Server | Views: 26045 | Comments: 0 | Tags:table  transactions  tsql 
SET IDENTITY_INSERT for Table Variable
Ashok Nalam
By: Ashok Nalam | 09 Jan 2014 | SQL Server | Views: 15360 | Comments: 2 | Tags:identity  table  variable 
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